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Thursday, May 14, 2009

13 May 09

Nicole will be away on a family trip and will be busy settling in at her new apartment come June. Good luck Nic! I will miss you!

On a side note, I have 2 custom made orders and here are the pictures:

Janice wanted 6 swirly colored clay pendants in the shape of a dove, butterfly and spade aces. They were to be given out to her favorite colleagues at work. I think that's sweet! =)

Mike wanted an upside down heart with lime green swirls and a sad face for himself. I hope they arrive soon! =D

And he even sketched my name too! It's so cool to me! Thank you so much!

Other than these, I also received a few custom orders of my clay beads. I am delighted to receive positive response from them too. :)

I'll try to make some new jewelry by the end of next week. The crystals on my table are piling up!

Have a great weekend ahead everyone!


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