10% of sales made from Adelin's items will be donated to WRSFV, Canada.

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

How to Order

Additional Options

For Nicole's pieces, mail her at rickys_nicky@hotmail.com

For Adelin's pieces, mail her at adelin.lok@gmail.com

Item no. :
Mode of payment: i-banking/Paypal and email address
Postage: Normal/Registered
Country to mail to:


SGD tagged items (Anything by Adelin):
Free normal mailing within Singapore.
Local registered mailing at SGD2.00 for every 2 items
Overseas normal mailing at SGD2.00 for every 1 item
Overseas registered mailing at SGD4.00 for every 2 items

CAD tagged items (Anything by Nicole):
Within Canada, please add $1.00CAD for shipping.
Anything being sent outside of Canada, please add $2.00 for shipping.


A confirmation email will be sent for item reservation. Reservation(s) will be deemed void after 24 hours of no reply and non-payment. Item(s) will be immediately made available to others. Payment of purchases must be made within 24 hours after confirmation email has been sent.

No changes in order to be made once reservation of item(s) has been confirmed. However, if a cancellation is insisted, the buyer's next email order will only be reviewed 5 days later. A second cancellation warrants a 10 days next-order review. A third cancellation and thereafter will have a 21 days next-order review.

We are not responsible for items once mailed out. Damaged or lost items will not be refunded nor replaced. A repair fee is needed for replacement of minor parts. Photos of damaged item(s) are required for evaluation before repairs are deemed feasible.

Store your jewelry in a cool and dry place away from sunlight and water. Please refrain from letting your jewelry be in contact with perfume too.

All information and images contained in this site are the property of Nicole Mohoruk & Adelin Lok. Permission should be obtained from the owners of the site prior to any prohibited reproduction, copying in part or whole, adaptation or likewise. Nicole & Adelin's Jewelry 2008-2010.


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